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LoZ-MM-Song of Healing LoZ-MM-Song of Healing

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best Rendition.

It's the right tempo and doesn't have a bunch of added crap to it, like vocals or a guitar or anything. Perfect.

Final Stand Final Stand

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Fuck Zerovoter2

I voted 5 to make up for Zerovoter2's unfair downvoting.

This guy Zerovoter2 is abusing the voting system because he has a grudge against Newgrounds and its users. He goes around downvoting random audio submissions for no practical reason, this is called "Spamming Zeros" and I think that this is a violation of the rules. The last time I checked, he has at least 81 other victims.

I, too, was victimized and I reported this guy a few hours ago, and then he had only about 50 victims. By now, he has over 80.

This guy was apparantly banned before for submitting stolen audio. Look at his profile and his BBS post for more information. You'll be outraged.

ViralStudios responds:

Ive seen his profile. But the thing is the more that musicians talk about the guy, it gives him undeserved fame. So whenever you see an act of injustice... just PM Wade. If everyone does it Zerovote-fag will be gone